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Discover The 3-Step Framework Entrepreneur And Fast Company Contributor Nick Wolny Used To Publish Over 100 Articles, Attract 1,000's Of New Email Subscribers, And Go From Zero To 100,000 Pageviews In Under 12 Months



There’s a huge opportunity right now to build and grow an audience that will follow you for years to come.

Will you go after it?

Two years ago, I had no online presence. Now, new people discover my work and join my list every single day - for free.

There's a saying I wish I had listened to years ago:

"The money is in the list."

When I first heard this advice, email sounded pretty boring at the time, sooooo... I ignored it.

It seemed like social media was where all the action was at. If you wanted to create something online, you basically had to use social media.

  • Be like Gary Vee, because if you can't produce 4,327 pieces of content every single day you'll never "be seen"
  • Use all the social media platforms, because if you're not on TikTok or Snapchat you're a steaming pile of wasted potential
  • Hustle hustle hustleeeeee, because if you're not absolutely destroying yourself to maybe get half a step ahead for a few days, you'll fall impossibly behind.

It’s exhausting.

Communicating on the internet is like trying to have a conversation with someone at a loud house party.

Have you ever tried to hold someone’s attention in an environment like this?

I think of house parties often because my alma mater was a party school, and while I wasn't a big partier, the weekend festivities were inescapable.

These parties sometimes had interesting themes: toga party, Halloween, toga party again but in flannel since it was Winter... et cetera.

The energy was exciting. But it was hard to make small talk during house parties because they were always so loud.

If you could persuade your friends to go over to a quiet corner or stand out in the backyard in freezing-cold temperatures, there was a sliver of hope for actual connection.

Otherwise, there wouldn't be much conversation.

Just a lot of noise and standing around silently watching kegstands go awry.

Social media platforms – and the internet in general – are house parties.

And what is the hallowed quiet corner of the internet house party in which you can really get to know people – and have them really get to know you?

It's an email list.

Screaming into the black abyss of the internet gets tiring real quick. So why do we put ourselves through all this?

It’s simple: We want freedom.

Perhaps you want to start building the online side hustle that can one day be your ticket out of a soul-sucking 9-to-5 job.

Or maybe you already work for yourself, and… it’s tougher than you expected.

Sometimes, the pursuit of freedom can turn into a grind.

It feels the opposite of free, which is the whole reason you chose to create something of your own in the first place, right?

You know the people and the money are out there on those internet streets.

(The numbers prove you right, by the way...

E-learning was projected to become a $325 billion industry by 2025. And that projection was before quarantine came along.)

"E-learning is projected to become a $325 billion industry by 2025."

Does it feel like there's a disconnect somewhere?

If the answer is yes, I get what you might be experiencing - because I was there.

  • Trying to grow an audience online on top of a full-time job: CHECK
  • Taking the leap and making huge, costly mistakes along the way: CHECK
  • Feeling like I was back at zero every time I created one piece of content or sent one newsletter: CHECK

I was trying month after month and year after year to find the right approach - and burning out hard along the way.

But then, something clicked.

I made a tweak.

I wrote 40 words.

And everything fell into place.

The 40 words that made all the difference

These 40 words appear at the bottom of my articles and in various places around the internet. And they're the gateway drug to my email list.

  • Each and every day, new readers see these words, download my free resource, and join my email list.
  • Since this short-and-sweet pitch appears at the bottom of my articles, it converts well. By the time someone clicks, they've read at least one entire article from me, if not more.
  • Most freebies convert at somewhere between 5% and 40%. In a recent month, the conversion rate of these 40 words was almost 65%.

These 40 words gave me freedom.

And I know they can do the same for you too.

Hi, I'm Nick Wolny

I’m a media and marketing strategist for online entrepreneurs, a regular contributor for websites like Fast Company, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur, and a recurring TV tech commentator for NBC and FOX.

I also have an all-online business that is powered through writing and email.

Before all of that, though, I was stuck.

I didn’t have a career in journalism, rich parents, or years of experience doing this stuff.

In fact, my background is in something completely different from what I’m doing right now.

Growing up, I loved to think.

So much so that, in my early teens, I wanted to study theoretical mathematics and philosophy.

My parents discouraged this… as it turns out, there’s not a lot of money in sitting around thinking about stuff.

To mollify my parents and move towards a prosperous career, I pivoted to something far more practical:

Classical French Horn. 📯🙋🏻‍♂️

I spent 14 years of my life mastering how air flows through a brass tube. I won competitions, got to play at places like Carnegie Hall, and was even admitted to Juilliard.

I leveraged this offer for a full scholarship to Rice University, another top music school.

When I graduated from conservatory—which is a fancy word for “music college for nerds”—

I was shocked to find that my skill set of sitting in an orchestra and following a man wave a stick around did not immediately qualify me for meaningful, high-salary work.

When the real world reared its ugly head, it was a rude awakening.

Playing the French Horn isn’t what you’d call a versatile skill.

In fact, it turns out the only thing being good at the French Horn qualifies you to do is a job that requires you to... play the French Horn.

Such jobs, it turns out, are rare.

(What, you mean I can’t just sit in a windowless room all day practicing my scales and getting paid for it?!)

So in 2011, I found myself experiencing the now all-too-common plight of the millennial generation:

I was educated but very unemployable.

(In fairness to millennials, most of them major in something a bit less niche.)

My prospects were grim.

I was broke, had no skills, and was $1,000's upon $1,000's of dollars in debt. 

With little else to do, I packed away my French Horn and joined the working masses, opting into a seemingly never-ending conveyor belt of uninspiring jobs:

  • Barista ☕️🙋🏻‍♂️
  • Administrative assistant ☎️👨🏻‍💻
  • Retail associate 👔💁🏻‍♂️
  • Fitness instructor 🚴🏼‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️

The day after I got my Master's degree in music, I went in my part-time retail job and watched a decal dry on a window for seven hours.

(Happy-go-lucky on the outside, f*cking screaming on the inside.)

Simple as these jobs were, I wasn’t particularly good at any of them because I had spent most of my formative years in a windowless practice room. I had no life skills.

I was so incompetent that I quit my second day of work at a part-time retail job because I couldn’t read the weekly schedule, which was sent out as an Excel spreadsheet.

(Who knew spreadsheets had tabs?)

Actually, I didn’t even quit. What I did was even more cowardly.

Embarrassed at my inability to read a Excel file – but too shy to come out of the closet a second time as "spreadsheet-allergic" – I completely ghosted my shift.

No call, no show. 

Instead, I stayed home and felt sorry for myself, blaring out a mournful tune on my stupid French Horn. Which is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. 

The French Horn is not meant for playing the blues.

At least, I didn’t think so...

But I wasn’t sure.

I took out my laptop and Googled “French Horn blues.”

Turns out there were some scales. I opened them up and began to play, sipping on a whiskey-spiked coffee between my bluesy dirges.

I mangled it the first time through.

But inside of an hour, I had it mastered.

Sitting there, at a kitchen table, I realized something: 14 years of musical training hadn’t given me a ton of practical skills…

…but it had given me the ability to learn practical skills.

In fact, as I would come to realize later, it had given me the ability to learn just about anything.

Music had given me a deep understanding of the power of repetition.

We’re going to talk about exactly how powerful repetition can be in just a minute.

But first, I want to tell you how it changed everything for me personally.

You see, as I became increasingly curious about online business and marketing, my ability to “practice” the techniques online entrepreneurs use to create consistent content and results suddenly became very handy.

That ability is what has helped me run to the front of the pack in both industries. 

I've been able to write articles and let them serve me for months and years thereafter.

I can even take a break if I want, rather than musician life where you had to be in tip-top performance shape 24/7/365.

It's why I've been able to get so many placements over the past two years, despite:

  • No bestselling book to my name
  • No fancy startup experience
  • No degrees in technology, journalism, or earth-shattering science (Hello, French Horn)
  • No massive social media presence

In fact, I can trace a substantial percentage of my results back to just 40 words.


Okay, okay! Here are the 40 words that changed my business and life:

They're not earth-shattering, really.

Their audience-growing power lies in where they are positioned, how people see them, and what happens next after they click.

The bad news is...

No one wants more emails, and the average worker receives 121 emails a day.

If you say to someone "Sign up for my email list!", they won't - because they are drowning in emails most days, or they negatively associate email with work.

The good news, however...

Is that you can override this response with something called the amygdala hijack.

The amygdala hijack is a term coined by psychologist Daniel Goleman. It refers to when the emotional part of your brain - the amygdala - temporarily overrides your usual information processing.

When you elicit emotion, readers forget about their usual beliefs and responses for a few moments.

Offering to help your reader solve their problems creates emotion.

So if you can do that, readers have a change of heart and suddenly can't wait to get more emails - especially from you.

To do this, you can create a free piece of content (Even if you've never done it before!) and give it to your readers in exchange for their email address.

And that is how you grow an email list in 2020 and beyond.

I know, because I’ve done it:


Email subscribers in under 8 months with zero ad spend


Published Articles In Mainstream And Niche Publications


Instagram thirst trap photos or desperate TikTok attempts

Every article I publish is like another digital billboard for my email list:

These efforts have created a snowball effect. The longer my content is out there on the internet getting distributed, the more people who like my flavor of content find me and come my way.

But there's an even better reason to weave an email-based audience into the fabric of your business...

Having a thriving email list allows me to make money, get valuable feedback and direction, and have a more profitable business while also working less.

This isn't because I am special or have magic wizard-like technology. Instead, I follow a clear, systematic framework.

So... Why don't more writers and entrepreneurs do this?

If this system is so good, why isn’t every writer, consultant, or online entrepreneur on planet Earth doing it?

There are many misconceptions about growing an email list online – and a lot of these beliefs and assumptions are just plain wrong.

Let’s go through a few of them together now.

Myth #1:

"To be successful online, you have to go viral"

Virality is so, sooooo overrated. Influencers gloat about having 1,000's or 10's of 1,000's of followers, or create memes and GIFs commenting on current events that will hopefully bring them Twitter fame.

You don't need 1,000's of people to have an online business.

Think about it: If you have a small stadium's worth of people and still cannot engage them or sell anything to them... that's a problem.

Let's go back to our "quiet corner" house party analogy.

Virality would be the DJ making an announcement or someone throwing up in the front yard.

But it wouldn't be real connection.

If you can be viral consistently... my hat's off to you. It's extremely difficult, and the internet's tastes change rapidly.

When you bring people over to your quiet corner of the internet, on the other hand, you don't have to be an insane content ninja with bionic wit.

Your quiet corner - aka your email list - lets you be heard on your terms.

Myth #2:

"Blogs are dead and videos/live streams/selfies are the future"

I disagree. For starters, you're reading words right now. Even the most distracted adults stop and read when a topic is important to them.

While feed-based content and social media content will continue to get faster and faster, attention spans will subsequently get shorter and shorter.

It's hard to capture people's attention on these platforms.

People follow their favorite brands and channels left and right on social media, but are only casually committed to receiving updates.

And if you have a big announcement or something important to share, the fate of your message hinges on what an algorithm ate for breakfast that day.

Persuading someone to sign up for an email list means they really want to hear from you.

I'm okay with having all the people who really want to hear from me together in one quiet corner.

Myth #3:

"No one reads email anymore"

People have bemoaned the falling open rates of email newsletters for years.

Trust me, social media platforms are no different. Talk to anyone who had a Facebook business page in 2012 and they will throw their hands up in the air at you in frustration.

Business page posts used to reach everyone, and now they reach fewer than 5% of followers - unless you pay.

For many page owners, posts reach fewer than 1% of their followers.

If your readers don't open your emails, they're at least seeing your name over and over again and being reminded of who you are.

Email is a way to stay relevant... for free.

But it takes time to build... so it's good to start now rather than later!

The REAL reason this isn't you yet...

Is because you don't have a system that makes it worth putting out new content on a regular basis.

You're not sure

  • WHAT to say
  • WHERE to post, or
  • WHEN to lean in and sell versus when to back off.

Here's the secret to getting ahead: Make the process easier.

When the process is easy, and you have a direct line of communication with your readers, you are in control.

"New brand partnerships, new consulting contracts, new revenue!"

"Being in the media more and consistently leveraging that content has gotten me brand ambassador deals and consulting contracts with companies who either saw me in the media or see that I have the credentials for doing lots of media. It's become a great additional asset for my business as well!"

- Dr. Nicole Beurkens, PhD, CNS

Dr. Nicole has been featured with:

"Laser-focused on what you need to do to move the needle!"

"Nick really helps you guard your time... he is allergic to busy work, trims the fat, and helps you be laser-focused on what you really need to do the move the needle.

The other thing I love about Nick is that he makes it so fun! Working with him feels like recess to me because he has this lighthearted approach that I truly appreciate."

- Rebecca Horan, Brand strategist

Rebecca has been featured with:

"Media is scary... Nick gives you the exact path to smart small and snowball your presence"

"We found the benefit of doing this on your own instead of outsourcing it was that it meant more. It means more when you're doing the work yourself.

Nick teaches you how to take your passion for what you're doing – your brand, your product, your sales, whatever – and put it into your media efforts, because ultimately no one will care about this more than you do."

- Kyle & Rachel Wright, sex and relationship experts

Kyle & Rachel have been featured with:

If you want to:

  • Reach more people every single month
  • Be memorable to your growing audience
  • Drive the bus with regard to your online business or brand, and
  • Build an asset that will be valuable for months and years to come...

WITHOUT paying $2,500+/month for a marketing agency that may or may not get any of your positioning right and will absolutely bleed you dry with new invoices every single month...

I have the solution for ya.



A soup-to-nuts program on how to write faster, get your writing seen, and grow a sprawling audience online that follows you, loves you, and pays you… on autopilot

The Online Writing Success System Bundle

Is a 3-program bundle designed to help you write more articles, get seen online, and build an email marketing machine in alignment with the Online Writing Success Framework.

The Online Writing Success System Bundle includes:

#1: Online Writing Success System

A 5-Module, A-Z framework on how to start, grow, nurture, and sell to an email list of raving fans

($997 value)

Get the exact right steps to take in the right order to set your email strategy up for success.

Create content ONCE that makes people go "Yes I want to be on your mailing list!" and re-use that content over and over again for years to come.

Here's how each module of the program shakes out:


Set Up Your List

Choose your battle axe for growing your email list and know how to research exactly what your ideal audience wants to hear about. Stop trying to come up with brilliant ideas and let the internet do it for you.


Grow Your List

Attract new subscribers by creating a "lead magnet": A freebie piece of content people actually want to read, listen to, or watch. We go through every step of the process from idea to completed resource!


Nurture Your List

Use the "honeymoon period" with a new subscriber to cement who you are and why they should listen to you. By using automated emails, you set this up once and the honeymoon happens on autopilot.


Train Your List

Email marketing is an incredible treasure trove of feedback and insights. By training your list to expect communication from you each week, you leverage a proven formula used by big TV shows and the entertainment industry.


Sell To Your List

As the saying goes, the money is in the list! Use your list as a testing ground for new products, programs, or services, or schedule a series of promotional emails to your most interested readers to sell while you sleep... or watch Netflix.

This program releases one module each week to help you pace and not get overwhelmed.

By the end of this program, you will walk away with

  • An automated system that attracts and nourishes new readers on autopilot
  • Clarity over what your readers actually want to read
  • A valuable asset of your biggest fans whom you can directly communicate with whenever you like
  • More time and more confidence that your subscribers know how you are and what you stand for

#2: Prolific Writer Playbook 2.0

A writing mini-course on how to generate ideas, write articles, and publish your work faster than ever before

($197 value)

Stop trying to find brilliant article ideas – they already exist within your own head! The trick is getting those pearls of wisdom out of your brain and onto the page.

This 60-minute mini-course is designed to be binge-able and gives you the tools you need to pump out quality articles faster than you ever thought possible.

#3: The Medium™ Workshop

A high-level strategic workshop + supplemental how-to content to rock it on in your first 12 months

($197 value)

To grow an audience successfully, you need a way to get in front of new people each and every month. My main battle axe for this pursuit is

If you see yourself writing articles and are looking for a platform that will give you great results, this workshop replay goes through everything I focused on to attract over 100,000 page views and several thousand subscribers via Medium in my first 12 months.

"Strategic, pragmatic, and thoughtful"

"In a galaxy of marketing "experts" who are self-proclaimed stars, Nick is the brightest burning object in the sky. He is thoughtful, diligent, capable, and professional.

He exceeds his mandate in all areas. He's strategic, pragmatic, and flawless in his execution; you'd be a fool not to work with him if given the chance."

Jonathan Greene, The Fractional CMO

"Accessible terms, easy processes, and ACTION"

“Nick’s know-how is unsurpassed when it comes to content creation and all things tech to make it happen in a systematized way.

He’s truly a whiz at sharing his expertise in accessible terms, easy processes, and actions that make the behind-the-scenes business stuff enjoyable again while enhancing your business, too.”

Sarah Nannen, Grief Coach and Author

"Messaging that makes you sound incredibly smart"

“Nick is one of the best writers I know and a total content powerhouse.

You need to work with this guy if your business needs any kind of messaging that makes you sound incredibly smart, spins your story in the right way, and - most importantly - leads to ROI and long-lasting marketing results."

Greg Scheinman, SVP, INSGroup; Host, The Midlife Male podcast

A fraction of agency or consultant prices

With the Online Writing Success System Bundle, you are getting top-notch marketing strategies that are working now for a fraction of the usual sticker price.

It's less than the cost of just a single month of service from a consultant or marketing agency.

One month of trusting that your agency account rep – likely a 23-year-old who's futzing around on TikTok all day – can get your message right on the first try and maybe get you off the ground.

Cost: $2,500

One month of emailing your marketing rep to ask for any updates and wasting valuable hours obsessing about the work you hired them for actually takes that long.

Cost: $2,500 + $250 = $2,750

(Because you need an extra $250 to recolor your hair and get the grays out)

One month of a contract that, when complete, may or may not even be the right approach, or leaves you with a social media audience you can't directly communicate with... or no audience at all.

Most consultants and agencies require a minimum 3-month contract. That's $2,500 x 3 months as an absolute baseline.

Cost: $7,500

Translation: 💸💸💸💸💸💸

For the cost of one month of a contract that promises 0% guaranteed results and 100% guaranteed headaches…

You’ll have lifetime access to a marketing strategy for yourself and your team that is getting real results now.

🚨 In case you 🚨 skimmed the page:

➡️ Hiring a marketing agency or consultant is a minimum investment of $7,500 because they usually require a 3-month minimum contract.

And if that agency has clients at higher tiers of service, those clients will receive priority over you every time.

It's just how agencies work.

You'll be paying $7,500... for table scraps. WTF?

I don't want you groveling for table scraps whenever some junior account manager takes a break from picking their nose and decides to tinker with one of the lifelines of your business.

Get access now

Join the Online Writing Success System Bundle today and receive

Lifetime access to video modules, swipe files, scripts, and the momentum you need to take your marketing game to the next level.

  • The Online Writing Success System 2.0 ($997 value)
  • Prolific Writer Playbook 2.0 ($197 value)
  • The Medium™ Workshop ($197 value)
  • Lifetime access to all updates for all programs

That's over $1,381 in resources...

For just $199 today, followed by 3 monthly payments of $199.

Or pay in full ($597) and save $197 (25% off!)

As seen in:

Ready to jump in with both feet?

Save $197 (That's 25% off!) by choosing the pay-in-full option at checkout and get the entire Online Writing Success System Bundle for just $597.

Join the Online Writing Success System Bundle today and receive

Lifetime access to video modules, swipe files, scripts, and the momentum you need to take your marketing game to the next level.

  • The Online Writing Success System 2.0 ($997 value)
  • Prolific Writer Playbook 2.0 ($197 value)
  • The Medium™ Workshop ($197 value)
  • Lifetime access to all updates for all programs

That's over $1,381 in resources...

For just $199 today, followed by 3 monthly payments of $199.

Or pay in full ($597) and save $197 (25% off!)

A bulletproof 30-day money-back guarantee

I'm confident that following through on this program as designed will get you results.

Show me you've done the work, completed the program modules, and uploaded the completed module assignments, and if you still aren't completely satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days I'll refund you back every cent.*

*Assignments from modules 1-3 of Prolific Writer Playbook and assignments from modules 1-4 of Online Writing Success System must be completed and uploaded into the program dashboard to qualify for the money-back guarantee.

This price won't last long

This bundle is a special offer for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives who want REAL results and more impact with less effort.

So the price will be increasing soon.

Think about where you want to be a year from now.

Is it to be in the exact same spot you're currently in, while other people less qualified than you grow their online audience?

Is it blowing $1,000's of dollars on ads or coaches and having a few more disengaged email subscribers or tuned-out social media followers as a result?


Would you rather have assets and relationships you can leverage for the entire lifespan of your business and career?

Join the Online Writing Success System Bundle today and receive

Lifetime access to video modules, swipe files, scripts, and the momentum you need to take your marketing game to the next level.

  • The Online Writing Success System 2.0 ($997 value)
  • Prolific Writer Playbook 2.0 ($197 value)
  • The Medium™ Workshop ($197 value)
  • Lifetime access to all updates for all programs

That's over $1,381 in resources...

For just $199 today, followed by 3 monthly payments of $199.

Or pay in full ($597) and save $197 25% off!)

P.S. -

The Online Writing Success System Bundle is a 3-program package on marketing strategy and visibility for online entrepreneurs.

It costs less than the price of a single month of service from a consultant or marketing agency. Contracts like that, at the bare minimum, typically start at $7,500.

  • You will own the connections with your followers and gain valuable feedback that can unlock million-dollar potential.
  • You'll know how to systematically grow your audience on autopilot.
  • You will never run out of ideas regarding what to write or how to write about it. Ever.
  • You'll be able to build a machine that can lift you up when your energy is down and even help you get paid while you sleep.

Make this investment in yourself and have an asset you can own forever - you'll have lifetime access.

Join the Online Writing Success System Bundle today and receive

Lifetime access to video modules, swipe files, scripts, and the momentum you need to take your marketing game to the next level.

  • The Online Writing Success System 2.0 ($997 value)
  • Prolific Writer Playbook 2.0 ($197 value)
  • The Medium™ Workshop ($197 value)
  • Lifetime access to all updates for all programs

That's over $1,381 in resources...

For just $199 today, followed by 3 monthly payments of $199.

Or pay in full ($597) and save $197 (25% off!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work for me?

The answer is simple: This program works when you do.

Like I've said, you don't need a massively bestselling book or a ginormous audience to start landing press.

You do, however, need to know how this media game works.

If you're someone who buys programs and then lets them sit on a virtual shelf and collect dust, this program won't be a fit for you.

We get that you're busy -- that's why there are office hours built in each and every week for you to get support whenever you need it on whatever element of the program you like!

Q: I don’t have time to write 50 pitches a week, will this still work?

If you're writing anywhere close to that many pitches, you're not giving your pitches enough of a chance.

You are pitching people - not machines. Gatekeepers may need time to get back to you. Or... they just might not be interested in that particular pitch, because they already have that topic covered for the month.

Dust yourself off and move on. But don't move on after a few days if you aren't getting many bites. Even publicists don't do more than a few pitch angles per month tops.

Q: How long will it take before I get booked?

It depends. You may discover that you have people in your network that can connect you to a media professional, which sometimes accelerates the process. Or perhaps your pitch happens to be what that particular professional is looking for.

This program focuses on learning and implementing a system that leads to predictable and consistent results. However long it takes you to get that set up will dictate how long it takes to start getting your first placements.

Q: Is getting on TV really going to change my business?

These days, everyone's attention span is pretty much fried. Consumers are always scanning for evidence or proof that your material is worth their time and energy to read, listen to, or watch.

When you have examples of instant credibility, this vetting process gets short-circuited. You become automatically trusted as a credible source of information, because outlets responsible for reaching tens or hundreds of thousands of people have endorsed you as this source.

Where most entrepreneurs mess up is that they don't acquire their clip and work it into their existing marketing materials.

I took the time and did the work... and now I have a portfolio that looks like this... forever.

Q: I understand how important this is but I’m not good on camera, will this still work for me?

Remember Rebecca from earlier? She does no video media -- I had to beg her for that video testimonial.

But she's used her PR coverage to land clients so elite I would be killed by ninjas instantly if I even hinted their identities to you. With no TV and no video.

Video is, obviously, visual. But if it's not your jam, don't worry about it.

Don't like the sound of your voice? Don't do podcasts.

Hate writing? Don't write contributed articles.

It's critical that your media strategy be both something that makes sense for your business AND something you're really excited about and want to do.

Q: How many leads will I get?

This is where a lot of people get tripped up. Media can be a traffic or lead generation strategy, but that isn't its biggest value.

The biggest value of media is leveraging your placements for the middle of your marketing funnel. People who have already found you realize you're a PR badass -- that you're in demand -- and they wanna get in on the action.

But if you aren't promoting your results to your existing audience, working your results into your newsletters and website, and posting your results and placements to social media, far fewer people will know.

We teach all of this in Publicist In Your Pocket™. And when appropriate, we also teach when and where you can incorporate lead generation opportunities, because we are all about growin' an audience of superfans.

Q: Do I have to be a nag and follow up all the time to get results?

No. Read my lips: I hate nagging PR people. Since I write for Entrepreneur and sometimes mention gadgets on TV, I get pitched a shit-ton.

Look at this publicist that has followed up with me SIX times with the same stock pitch, despite the fact that I have never responded.

She's not trying to build a relationship. She's probably just trying to get her manager off her back.

(Also, this pitch is coming to me from an email distribution list that I never agreed to be on. I know, because they use the same email software I do; I recognized the formatting.)

Do you give a fuck? If the answer is yes, you're ahead of this person pitching me and you'll be ahead of a lot of the garbage that lands in editor and producer inboxes.

That's because you'll care. You'll add personal details and your pitches and follow-ups will be relevant, persistent, and pleasant.

To answer your question: Two follow-ups is standard in media pitching.

And once you get comfortable doing two follow-ups in pitching, it'll bleed over into other parts of your business, too.

Imagine how much more business you'll close and how many more relationships you'll forge when two follow-ups just ain't no thang.

Q: Is there a right way and wrong way to follow up?

Wrong way: See above.

Right way: There is. There are even widgets and plugins that make the follow up process simple and easy, and we teach you how to use them effectively in this program.

Q: I’m not an entrepreneur. Is this for me?

Many people who leverage media and publicity are full-time professionals looking to build or augment their careers.

And many more people who leverage media aren't entrepreneurs, but will be soon.

This program is optimized first for online entrepreneurs. That being said, having publicity around your expertise at any stage will give you a running a start, because you won't look like some Joe Schmoe who's just getting started.

You'll have endorsements and proof that your expertise is in demand and is of the highest caliber.

Q: My product/program/service/business/book launch/virtual summit isn’t ready. Why do this now?

Every day, week, and month that you are not getting media, someone else in your industry is, and they're using that publicity to capture eyeballs and win people over that should probably be following and learning from you instead.

Someone is getting that attention instead of you right now, even while you read this sentence. Start now.

Media also takes time, but has snowballing returns. You can't decide two weeks before your book comes out that you suddenly want to get a zillion media hits -- it doesn't work that way.

When you sow the seeds now, you'll reap the harvest later.

Q: Is this a coaching program?

Publicist In Your Pocket™ is not branded as a coaching program, but there are office hours each and every week to help you get the customized support you need when you want it.

The office hours are optional. Some clients find they get so much value out of the resources each month that those alone are worth their investment.

It can be a coaching program if you want it to be, and we encourage booking office hours appointments to get feedback on your pitches and your media strategy. It's not a requirement, though.

Q: Does this program have a community or private Facebook group?

Good question. Publicist In Your Pocket™ is designed for you to get in, get out, and get the results you're looking for.

Our experience is that Facebook groups distract from this objective.

  • Groups allow clients to lurk without participating.
  • Groups become "something to do" instead of going through the curriculum and implementing it in your business.
  • And, when it comes to PR, groups can sometimes start to harbor FOMO, jealousy, drama or gossip when you see someone in a similar industry as yours getting results.

Trust me, I love community vibes. And we DO have community on office hours and workinars.

That's because there is a common objective: Everyone on the call is there to learn and sharpen their strategy, and was able to make the time this week or month to make this particular call.

If you find the community experience helps you get the most out of the program, come to the calls! You can observe any or all of the office hours calls without an appointment, and past workinar recordings are always available.